Classic Manicure: A thorough manicure for a well groomed look. Nails are trimmed and buffed to a shine, cuticles nourished and re-hydrated and hands are gently massaged with organic shea butter. The result is healthy attractive skin and nails that look and feel good
Price: 20.00

VNB Signature Manicure: A comprehensive manicure with products that nourish re-hydrate and soothe. Nails are meticulously filed, cuticles hydrated, dry skin gently exfoliated with a moisturizing organic scrub, then warm towels applied followed by a massage. A large selection of polish to choose from.
Price: 24.00
Add a warm paraffin treatment to replenish even the most dehydrated skin. Also relieves arthritic pain and soreness from repetitive work.
Price: 12.00

Nail Repair: That problem nail that’s always tearing or splitting can be mended with a thin sheet of fiberglass and glue for strength and protection.
Price: 8.00

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment:
First Application: 12.00   Future Applications: 8.00

VNB Wellness Pedicure: Begins with an organic foot soak followed with thorough treatment of nails and skin. Nails are trimmed, cleaned and smoothed. Cuticles are softened and hydrated with an organic exfoliating scrub that gently sloughs away rough dry skin. Effective and gentle callus reduction relieves painful pressure points. A relaxing massage with organic body butter followed with warm towels relieve tension and improve circulation. Finish with pretty polish and a feeling of wellness.
Price: 44.00

Add a luxurious paraffin treatment or mask for maximum benefits
Price: 10.00

Hot Stone Massage for warmth, relieves tension, soreness and promotes circulation
Price: 14.00