At the Village Nail Boutique pedicures are performed by a Certified Master Pedicurist, who has completed level one in the advanced education of foot care through the North American School of Podology. This title assures clients that the CMP has acquired knowledge and training in up to date disinfection procedures, nail and skin disorders and proper foot care for the diabetic client. This education exceeds what is required of the average nail technician. At the Village Nail Boutique pedicures are performed confidently and compassionately, agreeing with the mission statement of the North American School of Pedicuring, “to improve the quality and safety of pedicures in North America one foot at a time.

The Village Nail Boutique utilizes quality professional products that treat and revitalize skin and nails.
In her mission to beautify and nourish the hands and feet with products that make a noticeable difference Laurie has invested well spent time researching companies that use ingredients that are pure and beneficial to the consumer.

Favorites of the VNB clients are:
Solar Oil cuticle and nail conditioner
Rejuvacote Nail Strengthener
Footlogix callus treatment and daily foot treatments
Woodsprite organic body butters and scrub